It’s a Wet Day today

It’s a Wet Day today – yet again – so what can I do? Was going to do much needed work in the garden but that’s out.

Instead of getting downbeat about it, I decided to make myself do something on the computer. Now I had no plans to sit here and start a new post, but here I am typing away and chatting to my unknown audience. It may not interest all that land on this page but once again I want to make a point that even if you have no idea’s in your head, once you choose a word or a short line of text you can build round it.

“It’s a Wet Day” was what I thought and I wrote it down, now look where we are!

I still don’t know where this is all leading, but I am pleased to be writing anything at all.
So perhaps today I should give you all a warning about signing up to programs that you come across when doing some browsing on the Web.

Today was a typical example. I browsed the Web before writing this post and found a program that was well presented and very appealing to me. I thought this will be for me and I was almost at the point of signing up to it, when my number one rule came into play.

Check this program out – research it. So I did exactly that. Google it read the reports. The owner of the program had a court order against him for $9000 for not delivering the information that a punter had signed up for. This punter had the resources to call him out. How many others maybe 1000’s of others could not afford to take him to the courts.

This program owner showed how he was travelling the world with the help of his program and enjoying the benefits of all those who joined the program.

So apart from making up a word and developing it into a blog, I hope I have given a little lesson on being strict about not joining ANY program without doing research about it or the owner.

That’s all for today. Thanks for being here.



Start Blogging

We would all like one or these Awards but how versatile are you.

Easy to say, “let’s start blogging”, but a lot harder to do!
What will I write about? And when I do write something who will read it? Is it interesting if anyone does read it?

These are probably the questions we ask ourselves before writing a single word.

But surprisingly you start to type and soon you are writing things that you had not even thought about just a minute before.
The mind is just full of stories that can be told and a lifetime of experiences can be drawn on.

imagesSome of you will find it so easy to write reams of pages for your audience.

imagesAre you the one that will sit there and struggle to write just one single page.

Which ever one you are, the main thing is that whether a prolific writer or one that takes a bit longer to do your blog, you will always find something to say, There really are lots of stories and information  tucked away in your head that will come to light when you think about all the things that you have done in your world.

Here in the UK (ENGLAND. HAMPSHIRE) it’s raining. Here we are in August and the height of the summer season and once again all our plans go out of the window. One of the few countries in the world that you just cannot plan a bbq weekend!!

The weather teased us last week and we had some nice sunbathing weather. But that was just to get us running to the stores for more charcoal and bbq food ready for the weekend, but there you go, we should never get too excited about the future. The future will arrive each day and you maybe in the same place as you were the day before.

Contingency plans are the answer, if the plan for the day does not work out, there must be another constructive way of moving forward. There are so many things that we can do, so go and do them.
Make a list of all the things that you really should attend to, and you will never worry about the weather again……

So this is my point…… look for a way forward with your writing, one way I do this is to write one word and build a blog around it. Try it….. it works.